The Lifecycle of an Analytics Project

Business Goals We believe every project should start with the definition of the goals of the business and project. You might think that every business has defined its goals which it tries to achieve. However, most of the time that’s not the case. And even if goals are defined, they might be defined badly. A … Lees meer

User ID vs. Client ID or why Google Analytics data is not entirely correct?

Let’s start this topic by looking at the basic principles of Google Analytics; its building blocks. To organise data in structures, Google Analytics uses 3 simple components: Users, Sessions, and Interactions. These components are related to each other and are in a hierarchy as we can see in the picture below: Interactions (or hits) are … Lees meer

Basic reports in Google Analytics that you shouldn’t overlook

Google Analytics contains a lot of basic and advanced reports, which are divided into four bigger groups – Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions. I chose four reports, one from each report, which you shouldn’t overlook. AUDIENCE This group contains reports about your audience – these reports provide answers to questions as: who are your visitors, … Lees meer

Is the data analysis borderless? (new Google APIs)

Do you miss the proper analysis of the data from pictures, videos or long texts? No problem. A few weeks ago Google introduced its new APIs, which solve a lots of problems and gives the answer to a lots of questions. Google Vision API DEMO: This API gives us the power to analyse pictures … Lees meer

Benefits from linking Ads and Google Analytics

Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics together brings a lot of benefits for advertisers and also analysts. Besides sharing metrics from one tool to another, it also offers importing: goals, transactions (including the actual revenue) and  audiences from Google Analytics to Ads. After linking and importing, you will have a lot of useful data to … Lees meer

De impact van de nieuwste Facebook news feed update

Mark Zuckerberg dropped the bomb afgelopen week in de online wereld; het Facebook news feed algoritme zal een grote wijziging krijgen die nadelig zal zijn voor het bereik van bedrijven en publishers. Posts van vrienden en familie zullen prioriteit krijgen boven posts van bedrijven, media en uitgevers in de news feed. Wat betekent dit voor … Lees meer

Pagespeed als overall website-optimalisatie

Als je mensen vraagt bij welk vakgebied pagespeed hoort dan wordt dit vaak onder SEO geplaatst. Dit is deels terecht maar ook onterecht. Pagespeed is niet alleen belangrijk vanuit SEO-optiek; betaald zoekverkeer profiteert ervan, verkeer via social media en niet te vergeten heeft het voordelen voor conversie-optimalisatie. Ja, pagespeed is een rankingfactor in Google maar … Lees meer