New cookie labeling requirements

Prevent issues with your website This month (February 2020) Google is rolling out new requirements on the use of certain cookies in the Chrome browser. Google Chrome will now ‘block’ certain cookie functionalities, even though these can be very important to your website. Much like Chrome, most major browsers are now reviewing their cookie settings. … Lees meer

Abovo Media has acquired digital marketing agency Maxlead

As of today, Abovo Media has acquired digital marketing agency Maxlead. Together, this creates a very powerful and effective agency group that serves its existing and potential customers across the full media spectrum. The two agencies will retain their existing identities and will be housed in Hoorn and Oegstgeest, respectively. From now on, they will … Lees meer

Successful international expansion

Does your company do business in several countries? Or are you considering expansion to foreign markets? Carefully orchestrating your international online marketing efforts can lead to substantial profits. The things we learn in one country can often be used for better results in other countries as well. If you want your multilingual website to be … Lees meer

How to succeed in international content marketing

Do you work in content marketing at an international organisation? Then you surely know by experience that setting up content marketing can be quite a challenge. Decentralised marketing organisations are often faced with the challenge of involving international stakeholders, keeping the process going, and exchanging knowledge and best practices. Centralised marketing organisations often believe that … Lees meer

International SEO: successfully crossing borders

Do you have a multi-language website? Or are you considering taking the (online) step abroad? Then you will face a number of interesting SEO challenges; you want your target audience to be able to find you across ‘organic’ borders. This is where international SEO comes into play. International SEO focusses on the issues here below. … Lees meer

Infographic: Snap ads or Instagram Stories ads?

Snapchat was the fastest growing social media platform in the world, until August 2016 when Facebook released Instagram Stories. The very innovative, modern and very engaging Snapchat features were copied into Instagram Stories including the creative options and the 1 day only feature. Many people considered it a rip-off. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom agrees. When … Lees meer